Full Moon Bay

Great days in the sun
With all my friends
And it’s just half the fun
Waiting for the night to come.

Bright skies at night
Soft glow of the city lights
Has it ever felt so right
We’ll be howling at the moon tonight.

On Full Moon Bay
It was a wonderful day
I’ve only breath to say
I think I’m gonna stay o
On Full Moon Bay.

The cosmic groove we are riding on
Is the fuel that fires the dreams to songs
The love of life still lives on
Full Moon Bay.
The way you act
The way you played
The talk of the moon, star and the Milky Way
Makes me hope we meet again
On Full Moon Bay.

Our paths will cross again someday
And I hope I have the breath to say
I’ll never forget the night we met
On Full Moon Bay.

On Full Moon Bay
The end of another wonderful day
And I’ve only breath to say
I know I’m gonna stay
On Full Moon Bay.