Freed In The Keys

We’re about to head out of Tampa
On a midnight trip to the Keys
Where we’re gonna do anything
Anywhere with anyone we please.

I’m drivin and you’re flyin’
If you’re you’re with me I’m buyin’
As we are living I’m dyin’
But still I keep on tryin’

Life has begun again
Here with all my friends
And the party has no end
Livin’ our youth again.

Here we are at the end of the line
The last of the islands we find
This paradise can be ecstacy
And it’s all you want it to be
When you let yourself be free
In the Keys finally.

Of all the places
To lose it all out of
Hopes and dreams
And if you fall
You couldn’t find a better place to be free.

Paradise was just as fun
As all we have done
I find I am free here in the Keys
But I want to be free
Everyday all I need to do is
Take the Keys with me.