Into the Blue

I had a dream I was flying, the breeze picking me up, up, up, then I would just soar, feeling the wind beating against my chest and rippling my feathers. Senses peaked, I was on fire and dipped in cool water at the same time.

The view was grand! I could see for miles but kept my focus on nothing but the big blue sky. My span was endless and I felt free! I would let all my muscles relax just enough to let the wind carry me, lift me and push me along its path. But when I got a bit too relaxed, I would lose control and dive then start to spin and would have to quickly regain my poise as I whizzed in and out of the clouds rushing toward the ground.

In this dream I was not a predatory bird like that of the majestic eagle. I was not a part of a flock. I was a seagull, a traveler and a spectator, but when I became hungry I would curve my back, tighten my abdomen, tilt my head down and power dive towards the earth. In my descent, spiraling and pirouetting, pretending to defy death, just before hitting the ground, I would tighten my back and lift my head, leveling off only feet from the crystal clear blue waters that ran along the South Florida coast.

The sea spray would douse and tickle me and I would blink rapidly to clear my vision. Once I would spot a school of fish, I would make wide strides from behind, careful not to cast my shadow that would surely make them scatter. Then I would hone in on one that seemed the most likely target and lunge, my body taut and rigid like a spear. The instant deceleration would be of no affect as I entered the water, my beak open and eyes closed. Then, I would feel that jolt and my teeth would lock in on that tasty morsel. As quickly as I entered the sea, I would spring out into the fresh breeze and flap my wings with all my might, taking my meal to the nearest fishing boat and land on the bow, safely away from the heckling crew to enjoy my meal. When I was finished, I would circle the boat awhile then take off into the breeze and let it carry me up again following the coastline where the surf meets the beach, taking in all the sights and joyriding.

That is when I awoke abruptly, longing to finish the journey.  I wanted desperately to go back to sleep and soar again but it would not come, the passion leaving me longing and wide awake.

This dream only came once but sometimes I awake having dreamt of dreaming of flying. It is such a powerful feeling that I find myself the next day with an incredible need to go fishing,…. and so I do.