The Tree of Karma

There is a place I go often, to just let go. It’s a small bar along the coast where strangers have familiar faces and names are of no consequence. This place is where the locals go and we all know we are special alright. And we know it is all about the tree.

In the back there is a patio where the huge water oak sits enjoying the breeze, conversation and music pumping cool vibes through its limbs and tickling its leaves. This monstrosity spans the whole patio and when you are present under its canvas you can’t help but feel free. It is enchanting!

I have described the Tree of Karma many more times than I can count to the old timers, newcomers and the regulars alike to the point that they have now come to even quote me. They too believe in the power of the tree.

You see, this tree has been here as long as the bar. Although the place has changed names many times throughout the years, folks from the past will come back in, maybe unknowingly just to feel the tree. These are the ones that love my story the most…maybe even more than me because they met the tree before me,…. and they also believe!

The Tree of karma has absorbed so much positive energy from this Music Hall and the intoxicating dialogue of the eclectic guests, that it has become like a wormhole; a manifestation of good energy where time and space are bent.

I know this is true, as it is nearly impossible to leave early and time flies so fast that closing time always sneaks up on you. And when the place is hopping, the music pumping and strangers conversing as if they were family even though they have never met, space is no longer an issue. The social boundaries have collapsed! Everyone and everything just flows… just like the booze.

The Tree of Karma has created its own social wormhole of karma and badness bounces off this place as if the tree is protecting and preserving this space, selfishly and selflessly for it and all to enjoy the blissful setting. The tree feeds off us, we feed off it and music is the catalyst.

Of course this is a bar and the drinks help to envision this simple tree as more than just wood. Could it be a portal to a more positive place, where good energy flows, manifests and is untethered by dark and maladjusted emotions?

Could it be that the tree can be therapy for those gloomy days and the grind, helping us to blow off stress and bring out the more peaceful human side of us all? Well it works for me and my friendly group of beach-going pirates! If you don’t believe me, maybe you should go visit the tree and see if it doesn’t wash away your blues.

And if it doesn’t…… then the rum surely will!

©2013     Robert D. Vasvary    aka TN Bob