The Big Catch

They all were to gather at the Rocky Bottom bar that Friday evening for the Captain’s meeting of the big 1st Annual Fishing Tournament that started bright and early the next morning. Being that is was a holiday weekend, this added to the excitement. Spring Break was in full effect [...]

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Tennessee Bob’s Tales of Rancho Del Fuego

Prologue When Tennessee Bob and family first acquired their land in Ecuador life was grand! Bob's wife, Nikki had worked with her family there to make it happen and they were all actively involved in building El Rancho Del Fuego. The volcanic soil was so rich that Bob wasted no [...]

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The Tree of Karma

There is a place I go often, to just let go. It’s a small bar along the coast where strangers have familiar faces and names are of no consequence. This place is where the locals go and we all know we are special alright. And we know it is all [...]

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The New Keys

The good citizens of Earth thought the end was near once the Ring of Fire broke apart and created what will always be referred to as The Great Continental Shift. As quickly as the impending doom encroached on Earth, it just stopped, the chaos spanning only a few days. However, [...]

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Passion For The Sea

It’s not just to be sailing But where it is we go Place to place From time to time. Just over the horizon I can see an Island Could it be the Bahamas Or the Spanish Isles of Palma. Miles from my home My heart begins to roam From the [...]

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“I consider myself in the top 2% of the luckiest people in the world” a friend once told me while we were sipping whiskey on my boat. I feel the same way after having the opportunity to visit Easter Island, one of the most remote inhabited inlands in the world; [...]

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Into the Blue

I had a dream I was flying, the breeze picking me up, up, up, then I would just soar, feeling the wind beating against my chest and rippling my feathers. Senses peaked, I was on fire and dipped in cool water at the same time. The view was grand! I [...]

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